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A platform that will help businesses and enterprises maximise business value to look beyond the present and get ready for futuristic solutions

GMR Innovex will create a structured mechanism to build creative ideas, nurture and foster them, and build a Go-To-Market strategy for all successful initiatives. It provides an avenue for its partners to work on their ideas, validate them and bring them to life. The innovation vertical is also expected to bring myriad tech initiatives of different hues and get them amplified across businesses for benefit of the entire organisation. It facilitates startups with various kinds of assistance like mentoring, access to resources, POC opportunities, help with filing patents among others. The collaborators will have access to internal resources, subject matter experts among others in an informal yet aesthetically set ambience that unleashes creativity. The advantage that this exchange brings in is that collaborators can also try their products/services at GMR Innovex across a very large landscape of businesses like Airports, MRO, Cargo, Logistics, Infrastructure etc.

With a major focus on airports and with a broad array of industries under its span, GMR Innovation Hub is interested in multitude of technologies like Video Analytics, Machine-Vision, Blockchain, Drone-Tech, Smart Tagging, Contactless Technology, RPA, EV, Autonomous, AR/VR, IoT and more.

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